Please be advised of the early release schedule Wed, April 18 for all students: Elementary - 11:30am; Middle - 12:15pm; High School - 1:00pm. Buses will arrive at these scheduled times to transport students home.

Mrs. Clark’s Class is learning with the POSERS Method!

Last week, Mrs. Clark’s classes learned how to use the POSERS Method to analyze photographs and illustrations. The POSERS Method is an AVID Strategy that involves looking at several elements of an image, including people, objects, setting, engagement, and relationships. After looking at these elements, students are able to form a summary for the image and determine what they already know and what they would still like to learn about the image.
Mrs. Clark’s students visited several different color stations to examine a variety of photographs. At each station, the students made observations and discussed what they saw with their classmates. Through collaboration, they were able to form a hypothesis about what they believed was going on in the photograph.

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