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Located at 467 South Church Street in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Carver Junior High School first began in 1926 as Cumming Street Senior High School. The principal at the time was Mr. Brewton. In 1938, under Superintendent Lowry Jenkins, the city began an extensive building program. Carver High School was the first building to be erected. At Carver, there were twelve classrooms, a library, a domestic arts department, and a trade department.
In the fall of 1932, Camillus C. Woodson (C.C. Woodson) was elected principal of Cumming Street High School and Elementary School. He continued in that position until Carver High School was completed and opened in 1938.
During the 1942-43 school year, the enrollment of Carver (366 students) had outgrown the building. As a result, the 8th grade was sent back to Cumming Street in order to make room for upperclassmen. This was the first time that the graduating class received diplomas. The school had also become accredited under the leadership of Dr. Woodson.
In 1970, under the leadership of Mr. Edward N. Barksdale, Carver High School became Carver Junior High School. At about the same time, integration was instituted and Jenkins Junior High School closed. The teachers and students were transferred to Carver Junior High School.
Carver Junior High School was torn down and rebuilt in 2001 and remained a Junior High School. The vision of AVID was discovered and in 2008 the elective class was added to the schedule. For three years, a small handful of students were granted the opportunity to experience the methodologies of AVID. Carver Junior High School transitioned into a Middle School at the beginning of the 2011 - 2012 school year. Carver went from being a school with AVID to an AVID school and the rigor of excellence within the walls of the classrooms improved. Classrooms are equipped with “Smart Board” technology and students have access to updated computer labs, mobile laptop stations, a state of the art Science Department, up to date sports facilities, and an Engineering and Technology department dedicated to teaching skills required for success.
Carver Middle School was one of the first secondary schools in the county to offer a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based curriculum and is proud to lead the way in preparing students for success in all of their endeavors.

Adapted from the Carver 60th Anniversary Celebration book

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